HELENA FARRAR, founded by Duane Ferrell in 2014, is a luxury design venture centered around time-enduring aesthetics influenced by couture and cutting edge streetwear techniques.

A pillar of our brand is the delivery of refined details, effortless minimal design, and a cohesive uniform presentation. Showcased as ready to wear collections, Helena Farrar is constantly embracing new categories to further expand and express the brand's DNA.

Angels and Angles

For Helena Farrar’s Angels and Angles 2022 collection the Farrar woman takes center stage displaying empowered confidence, grace, and complete clarity of purpose. The heightened proposition of this collection's formal wear and transitional wear conveys a lifestyle choice for the modern woman that does it all effortlessly.


Farrar feels like the future of modern day fashion all the while bridging the artistic direction of timeless aesthetics from the past. For the owners of Farrar, only greater expansion and expression awaits as the energy of the brand is an experience like no other.